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Pop Up Clinics

Pop-up clinics are used for when our Ice Barn staff is in town and able to give you a specific clinic to variable fundamentals through to advanced techniques used in the higher levels based on data research.

Spring Pop Up Clinics

Body Contact (Boys)

Shooting Skills

Stickhandling/Corner Sector Skills

Body Contact (Girls Only)

Shooting/Stickhandling Skills (Girls Only)


Ice Barn Indy

17341 Westfield Park Road

Westfield, IN


5/11 body contact (boys)

9:00 - 9:50a

Are you going up to checking next season or want to get a head start to gear up for what's to come? Check out our body contact class in order to understand the areas to receive and give proper checking techniques along with proper use of stick checking to better enhance your physical element of the game.


5/11 shooting

10:00 - 10:50a

This clinic will focus on shooting. We will work on a few of the more significant shooting techniques used at the higher levels of the game and introduce the basic fundamental mechanics of these shots.


5/11 stickhandling/corner sect

11:00 - 11:30a

Stickhandling/Corner Sector Training

This stickhandling and Corner sector class will focus on elbow and wrist dribbling and the various ways we talk about progressing the 'load' stage of shooting and its' importance when carrying the puck at your top speed to have total control of the puck. This class will also focus on how defensive and offensive players utilize corner space for evasive and deceptive purposes to gain access to zone control. This is a major aspect of the game that is not worked on enough. In this class we will create situations that are game-like to give the player(s) a true feel for how to manage these areas along with their stickhandling.

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