Ice Barn x Hamilton Ride Academy

Ice Barn Hockey Academy: 

The biggest “killer” of potential top players was burn-out, and overuse injuries. When we decided to build the Ice Barn and create our programming - we wanted to make a program that helped to prevent these issues, not “add more”. 

Other hockey academies spend more than two hours on the ice five days a week on top of the players' travel hockey schedule. 

In our experiences we see kids getting so much ice time on individual skills that when it comes time to the team practice - they have little left “in the tank”. We want going to the rink to be something that gets a young person’s blood flowing - not just a routine, mundane, “oh, back to the rink” experience

We want the Ice Barn Academy to help your child develop, but we want to preserve the efficacy of their vital team practice, and also leave time, energy, and desire to “do more”

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